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Background & Philosophy

Before working as recruiters, we worked in marketing communications developing new products, services, and message architecture for some of the world’s largest companies. We understand both the silos in many organizations and the need to keep evolving what and how great brands need to market themselves and the changing mix of talent needed to do so.
We cultivate relationships with change leaders and innovative thinkers as they are the people  best equipped to help organizations chart new ways of working by actively changing what it means to be a brand. These are our favorite people.
Our candidate base ranges from CEO’s to mid-level brand strategists and marketing directors -across the span from research-reliant to highly intuitive brand leaders. We find people who lead and take brands into new territory. We do not take on creative director briefs but business and strategy leadership.
Our candidates can generate ideas that work across borders of brand, content and user/consumer passions. They can negotiate relationships and business revenue for the deals across content, distribution, brands and advertising models, they can execute a meaningful usage experience for consumers who want to engage and not be passively spoken at -- finding and managing all agency partners needed.
In addition to consulting on what kind of talent and roles an organization needs, and working on a retained basis to fulfill those needs, we can also be retained to conduct a search for a client looking for an agency partner.

What Makes Us Different

We believe that:
The best candidate for a job is not someone who is doing the same job you'd like done somewhere else. Talented, innovative marketing thinkers take jobs that use the skills they've built but offer completely new challenges. We are able to look across businesses to help you find the mix of skills and personality you need to take your business forward.
  • Getting to know a person "in-person" is essential to knowing them -- we don't use the phone except to set up time for real in-depth meetings.
  • Innovative thinkers are not a dime a dozen so our labor is in locating them and keeping in touch until we have the perfect match -- people who announce on LinkedIn that they are "innovative" can be found by anyone doing a keyword search. We build relationships with talent that delivers. 
  • A change-agent, a leader who moves brands forward sees the world differently. We dig under the surface of interview patter into how a candidate thinks, how they generate ideas, and how they overcome the many challenges in their way every time they try something new.
  • Talented people don't take jobs doing the same thing that they have already done. We help our clients find talent, not people who care doing tasks over there who could be doing tasks over here. We find talent and we attract them to our clients' businesses where they can have a high impact and make change happen.