Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for Marketers

Marketing is a very collaborative job. Whether you are client-side or agency-side you are part of a world of partners, egos, deadlines, tight timelines, and the constant need to sell ideas internally and externally.

Shannon Mullen's approach to executive coaching is to help our clients to move forward in practical and proactive ways. From navigating politics, to improving management skills, to developing a better personal brand and career plan, I will help you reconcile what you want with a practical road map and actions to get there. I am not a therapist but a brand strategist applying all my experience to building personal experience (and personal brands for our focused on building their corporate reputation through business actions and management change) with a three key philosophies:
  • Building empathy is the path to better collaboration and management.
  • Once you let go of the many possibilities (many are unrealistic even if they feel appealingly real) and focus on the here and now, you can move forward to find and implement solutions.
  • A job isn't enough for most people. You need a higher order benefit to your role that makes you feel it's all worth it even on the worst days. This is more than realistic and possible.
We use the Socratic method to help you find what you know underneath the surface of the stories you usually tell yourself. I am your partner, helping you to:

1. Find your own best next steps  
2. See the interconnections in your life and the impact of the solutions you uncover
3. Make a plan to implement those solutions in steps we measure together so that you see the results you want to see.