Building Employee Purpose (TM)

We help companies build their Corporate Culture by working with employees as collaborators on the internal brand beliefs and behaviors that make the culture real. 

A Corporate Culture driven by real behaviors makes your customer's brand experience coherent and exceptional. 

Your employees must believe in and behave as the brand as more often than not your employees are the brand experience of your customers.

We can help you unite your company internally from front-line to C-suite around a Shared PurposeSM using our Trust TrackSM process.

We help our clients:
  • Articulate and agree on their higher purpose which is both credible and which will move the business forward
  • Turn their company vision/mission/values into company behaviors all employees believe in and which their customers can experience externally using TrustTrackTM.
TrustTrackSM  changes the way change management works.Top Down and Bottom Up for meeting the in middle on a business winning, game changing Shared PurposeSM .  

You need us

  • If you want to connect customers externally by being different and better than your competition from the inside out -- driving internal behavior change that your customers experience.
  • During Change management moments (new CEO, C-suite team, M&A phases), or any time you need to beat fierce competition in a changing marketplace are when TrustTrackTM  can help translate business goals and vision translated to behaviors your customers love and which your employees are proud of.
Re-thinking a company's beliefs into behaviors with buy-in from top to bottom and back again for a positive, own-able customer experience to
  1. Improve front line sales or customer service
  2. Retain top talent through or after lay-offs
  3. Attract top talent away from competition and retain top talent
  4. Get more out of employees at all levels while making them happier employees.
We work with companies to translate their vision/mission/values into a credible,inspiring, authentic Employee PurposeSM that makes people want to give 110% connecting beliefs to organizational behaviors, measurement and recognition and rewards systems that are passion-drivers not punitive.
  • People want to be part of a higher-order benefit, they want to be important members building something meaningful beyond profits.
  • We work with employees from the ground up and with company management to move a company vision/mission/values into something very practical and yet inspiring to build pride, loyalty and happiness and employees will go the extra mile for customers and each other.
We help clients move from an employee recruitment or retention problem or a sales or customer service problem to a solution that not only works for your bottom line but works for your employees. Each project is bespoke but covers:
  1. Working with employees on the ground to bring new insights to corporate leaders.
  2. Identifying the values that unify the organization which inspire pride in employees, and make the company special vs. the competition to protect the talent pool and attracting more great talent
  3. Building clear ways for employees to be creative problem solvers across the organization, taking down silos and building corporate unity. Rewarding values-based behaviors that grow business and employee pride
  4. Delivery of human performance measures that are inspirational and results oriented.
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